Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Too Deep

February 17th 12pm-2pm
"Spoken Roots"
Too Deep Entertainment is a multi-cultural performing arts group committed to empowering and educating the community, fostering social change, and positively influencing the knowledge, behaviors and attitudes of its audiences. We are a pioneering theater troupe that relies on live theater and dramatic arts techniques to convey significant messages. In doing so, we have maintained full commitment to our mission and motto, to  "educate and empower through entertainment."

"My Love Affair with Hair"

Monday,February 21st 3pm-4pm
Room 294(second floor of the campus center)

This forum will explore some of the myths concerning natural hair. It will discuss the 
definition of natural hair and how to take care of natural hair. By sharing different 
views and attitudes of natural hair this forum hopes to encourage men and women 
to accept themselves as they are.